TRUE DELIVERANCE CHURCH is the best Church I’ve experienced since I relocated to Atlanta Georgia from up North. There is so much love and fellowship to where you feel your in Heaven! I truly thank God for choosing True Deliverance Church, as my home to Praise & Worship with others who truly love him so! Senior Pastor Williams delivers an AWESOME sermon with a POWERFUL message from God. You will NEVER walk out feeling the way you came in this House of the Lord’s! Hallelujah, AMEN.  Rick E. Lester



When you walk out you won’t be the same.You will truly be delivered.God bless.Come join us. Mary Scott






A Place to receive the word of God broken down into the simplest form…… I truly thank God for this house, and what it’s stirring up in my life!!!

Furlisa Wimbush





My home i love this family. Mary Williams










Pastor Williams in my opinion has a trait called Humility just as Jesus had. I think he is anointed.    William Lambert








Holy Ghost filled church! Lives are being transformed. Come on and get your blessing!
Robin Williams